Help Save Lives

When you give to CPC, you can redirect your state tax dollars to help save lives.

Community Pregnancy Center provides services to the working poor and therefore, qualifies to receive Arizona tax credit contributions.

How It Works

A married couple filing jointly can make a contribution to Community Pregnancy Center and receive a dollar for dollar tax credit (up to $400 per year) against their Arizona state income tax. A single taxpayer can receive up to a $200 credit.

It’s Now So SimpleMake a Difference

If you have a state tax liability, you are eligible! You simply use Form 321 with your Arizona state taxes.

For Example…

If, as a couple, you owe $800 in state taxes, and you give a $400 contribution to CPC, your tax liability will be reduced to $400 by using Form 321 with your Arizona State Taxes.


 Important Facts

  • If your tax liability is less than $400 (married couple) or $200 (single), the tax credit is limited to your actual tax.
  • If your tax liability is less than your contribution, the unused credit is available as a future tax credit for up to 4 years.
  • Another benefit is the money you donate toward the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit can also be filed as a charitable contribution on your Federal tax return.
  • Contributors may also take the Private School Tuition Tax Credit as well as the Public School Extracurricular Activities Tax Credit. They are each separate tax credit programs.

Thank You!

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